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You want to work in Germany as a professionell medical assistant, but fear the German language?



"My name is Ioana, my Romanian graduation was so sophisticated that only in Germany I receive the value added that I deserve with the infrastructure, the pension fund and the social insurance. The carrier perspectives at Red Cross or AWO are better than any others in Europe due to huge investments and high standards."


Step 1: Register "Join Us"

Step 2: Phone call

Step 3: Information and Agreements

Step 4: Documentation of your Personality

Step 5: Registration in Germany


Anmeldung Gastfamilie

Beglaubigung der Dokumente

Step 6: Warm-up in German Language

Step 7: Arrivial to Germany

Step 8: Project Start


The agreement for medical assistants from Romania that we offer is different from other ones you have heard about:

We directly work for serious, ethically based public, semi-public or private operators of care services for seniors, in Germany. Our clients are several district operators of AWO, Red Cross et al. They want you to be long-term employed with a direct and official contract paid and treated like German medical assistants.


We train you in intensive German languages courses free-of-charge (immersion) avoiding the influence of your mother tongue (immersion) and therefore effective within only six to eight weeks of training to until reaching Level B2


In this period (six to eight weeks), you will have a German family hosting you and assuring that you do not live as an immigrant or even foreigner, but you adopt the German culture.


We accomplish our role of coaching you by supporting your family background (children and husband e.g.) and to support you when wanting to change or finish your contract, too.

Though the cash money earned with us is higher than anywhere, you will pay taxes and four types of social insurance for health, pension fund, unemployment and your own care, for the safety in all stages of your further biography.

What we expect from you is the serious commitment to accomplish the stages of

• graduation in Romania (learning German grammar and practical care, before leaving the country),
• immersion language course and internship in Germany, after arrival and
• probation period until language test of B2 and certification of all your documents.

Stage 2 can last 6 to 8 weeks, and stage 3 will last up to one year, maximum. At the end, your gross salary will be about 2 500 to 3 000 €. Cash remains about 1 800 € to 2 200€, then. In the next two to three years these salaries will grow towards more than 3 000 € (gross) for the basic rate which will mean to earn about 3 500 € including all kind of extras. Since means to have 2 500 € net, approximately.


Your challenge is the language and the European spirit to care of old people physically. This is more than the medical service, since it requires empathy, dedication and the attitude to treat them like your own grandparents. If you afford this, the employment with us is a safe and sound ticket to be middle-class citizen in Germany and Europe.




German is a very difficult language. The acquisition lasts at least two years and eats infinitely much time and frustration.

The subconscious continues to run in its mother tongue, which defends itself against the unwieldy and new language.

Learning German as a foreign language is really productive only for babies and toddlers - or if we organize it like this during immersion. Then the whole day consists for six to eight weeks only in German (as a lesson, as an exercise, as a practical task, as a conversation in the host family).

Romanian is then usually completely avoided. Thus the whole person involuntarily accepts the new language and does not resist it. With us, immersion is affordable for you because it is free for all those who mean it honestly.


Germany is not the most romantic or beautiful country. But Germany is a solid democracy with a secure social system. Here you can find good and fair work, finally realize yourself professionally, start a family and also build up a financial existence.

Good infrastructure for education and health, transport and safety and much more are included, financed by your taxes. If you want to live on an equal level in Europe in this sense, you are at the right place with us: Stop the unworthy existence as a guest worker with informal cash payments - as a good citizen in Germany and Europe.

Because then you, as a leader in elderly care, will be able to play a decisive role in the development of this sector in Romania at some point in the future.


The elder care is a growing sector in a society that is characterised by wealth, safety and social security. While until the mid of the last century wars and other crisis led to a young and growing population, the most advanced economies live with improved medical systems and longer live expectancy.

If people get older and older, while the contemporary culture gets more individual and comfortable, at the same time, more an d more pensioners need professional assistance. They are getting weaker with body and mind, and due to this age they get multi-morbid which means to be formally sick but due to the late stage in their life-cycle. This challenge hits Germany and some other Northern European countries, now, and it will arrive in Romania in about 15 years, too, due to the widely seen economic improvement.

While now more than a million of pensioners are cared in asylums and other medical systems for elder care, in only seven years (until 2025) the number will grow significantly. But it is not the lack of personnel that attracts Romanian professionals to work in Germany: it is the need for dignity and quality in care.

The government has decided to oblige all asylum operators to employ at least 50 % General Medical Assistants, in the system. They are the professionals who assure transparency by documentation and a sound service for the distinguished guests. Due to the attraction of international professionals, the salaries will grow significantly up to 3 000 € basic salary (which means much more in gross salary per months, then).

This is the moment to invest in your future and to settle in Germany, now, in order to settle back in Romania, in 15 years, making a fortune of your profession of general medical assistant.


Hans-Gerd Spelleken


Hans-Gerd Spelleken, 55, has worked and lived five years each in Honduras and Moldova. The economist and father of four children is project developer and handles a developmentally consulting company in Alzenau. Spelleken has developed CareTrain with friendly professionals in the work group of managed brain-drain.



Wienfried A. Senker


Wienfried A. Senker, 61, has studied Social and Economic Sciences in Munich. As a Romanian citizen of German origin, he has worked for IFO-Institute, for Foundation Volkswagen and for the Federal German GIZ. Senker is exclusive expert of the Romanian institutions of vocational training and responsible at CareTrain for the educational network and recognition of professions. He speaks Romanian and German, as mother tongues, and also English and French.



CareTrain develops projects for Medical Assistants that want to work for selected German companies of the elder care. Therefore, CareTrain is the fair match for both sides, not a recruiting agency or conventional market service.

We don`t charge any fees from our applicants and require a strict observance of ethical and political requirements from our partners in Germany and Romania. This includes our goal to enable a permanent, full, formal and well-paid contract as well as a proactive cooperation between the social partners.






Borken, Germany

(North Rhine Westphalia)

Place:                           Borken, NRW


Start of Immersion:    1st of October, 2018


Start of Labor:            1st of October, 2018


Employer:                    DRK Borken, Azurit, Wolf-Therapie


Number of MA:           20



Short Profile of Town


Western Münsterland is the flat landscape between Münster (East) and Rhine river (West). This landscape consists of modern agriculture, forests and smaller towns. Though being Catholic and traditional in culture, Western Münsterland is a wealthy and prospering area. Many hidden champions of machine building, textile and agroprocessing come from here.


The largest towns in Western Münsterland are Borken, as the capital of the county of Borken, with only 30 000 population, and Bocholt, West from Borken, with up to 60 000 population. Both towns are only about 40 min far by car from the densest and most industrial area of Europe, the Ruhr Area.


NRW with 18 million population is the most modern, pluralist and open-minded Land of all Germany with the world famous places Köln (carnival) and Düsseldorf, the fancy capital. But you may also know places like Dortmund (from BVB = football) and Duisburg (from huge steel works = ThyssenKrupp).


SWOT of County and Region


Borken and Bocholt are healthy towns with high life quality. Housing is less expensive and the construction of a family patrimony easier than elsewhere in Germany.

Due to the convenient land costs and construction conditions, Borken and Bocholt are places where you and your family can stay the next 10 to 20 years.


Short Profile of Provider


German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz = DRK) is the most settled, established and neutral provider of elder care with several asylums in the county of Borken. DRK Borken is the engine of the CareTrain promotion in Northern NRW.


Azurit and Wolf are private care providers, the first one with plenty asylums in all Germany, the 2nd with a small chain of neurological centers in the country. In August 2018, we will assist you intensively to choose the perfect employer for your convenience.


Project Specifics of Borken


The provider Wolf is specialized in the care of young handicapped due to neurological disease (not elder care).



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