1. How much do I have to pay for the language course or in the case I don`t make the B2 Language Test?

Basically you pay nothing except the ticket to come to Germany. We finance the entire learning and integration program in Germany (after you arrive). In particular, since the language course that will take you to B2 is expensive, we need to be absolutely sure that you will not disappear for no reason. A drop out is only an option by mutual consent or by taking over the costs of 2000 € voluntarily. You will sign a contract to assure such reliability to us.

2. Who takes care of the recognition of my professional title as a General Medical Assistant in Germany?

We take care as a service provider of the employer. Before the probationary period expires (regularly after six months), you have completed B2 and therefore got your professional title recognized as a German nurse. We do this for you.

3. What kind of support does my family get for the integration into Germany?

We only want to bring Medical Assistants to Germany whose family is doing well. In doubt, the family will be integrated into Germany, too. This can be from the beginning of the probationary period or after its end (start of permanent employment). In both cases, we will take one day to look for transports, work and housing as well as school enrollment.

4. What exactly does “good work” mean?


Good work is indefinite (not determined with time frame), paid according to tariff (equal with native Germans) and insured with all social funds (unemployment, illness, care and pension) that exist in Germany. In perspective, we expect a short- to medium-term increase in Medical Assistant salaries for you to approx. 4000 € gross, in the next five years. We would like you to live with pleasure in Germany for about 10 to 20 years. Then you can have your entitlements paid out (for example, a small pension, which will be higher than the Romanian one) in your home country.

5. How do I find an apartment and in which steps does it work?

In the first two months, you are housed in a German host family, which welcomes you and brings you closer to German ways of life. There, you will also get breakfast and dinner (we serve lunch in the immersion language course). After starting work (probationary period) you rent an apartment for yourself or the whole family.

The more you want to live nearby a city the more it gets difficult. But you already speak German and can look at different apartments yourself. In addition, you have a formal employment contract and are thus privileged over most other applicants. The employer helps with temporary rooms as long as you are looking for an apartment. A good apartment costs about 30 % of the net income. But you can also restore old buildings or build a new building (both with self-helpon weekends), there are many opportunities that are funded by the government.

6. When do I get to know my employer?


The employer expects you from the beginning, so that you will know him before you travel to Germany and meet him at the arrival. The employer will only let you continue working in his company (start of work after the immersion course after 10 to 12 weeks), if you are successful in your language (if you already have done B2 or will be able to do so in the near future). The employer gives you a perspective of 10 to 20 years of employment.

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